Welcome to A Life WIth Mental Illness

This is a record of living with mental illness and its effects on all aspects of my life.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Worry and Stress

A major job change is about to happen and I am worried and stressed because of it. I know I'm not handling it well, but I'm stuck in a negative thinking pattern telling myself disaster is the only possible outcome. No confidence. No optimism. Nothing good or positive or healthy to hold onto. A downward spiral that I am too familiar with. Death seems a better option. I fear growing old and facing life with continued anxiety and worry and depression. Death itself sounds fine. I'm disconnected and a little paranoid. The voices are ramping up in the background. Take the day as slowly as possible. Be kind to everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Down. Sad. Grieving. Lost. These are the feelings and thoughts I woke with this morning. And I had thought that I was doing so well mood-wise. It's true that mornings have been tough, but today was especially so. I feel like I have to climb out of a pit in which I sink further every time I make a move to leave. It's a trap with no way out except to give in to the feelings, wait and let them pass. They hurt while they stick around, but I now know that they will pass. Maybe not for long and maybe only to come back with more strength and negativity. And more pain. I breathe in the pain and breathe out relief from it. And I think of others who have this kind of pain. And I  pray that I might be free of this pain at death.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Medication Problem

I recently tried to add another anti-psychotic medication to my regime. It didn't work. I became very depressed and had a flood of suicidal thoughts, voices and delusions. It would be nice to add to or replace some of my meds, but each time I've tried it's failed. Not sure what to do other than stop experimenting and learning even more about my current meds and work to stay healthy. Not a lot of room to change. One day at a time. I have to follow this slogan. Not pile things on myself or take on responsibilities I can't handle. Let go and let God. Pray and aspire.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I'm slipping away from myself, anxious and depressed. I'm sweating, cold and my stomach is clenched in a knot. I took the rest of my daily meds, but that hasn't started to help. I might have to take z again. Sad about all of my mistakes and the people I hurt. Sometimes I feel I can forgive myself for this, but often I beat myself up with it. Exchange and pray.


I'm in a freefall into a pit of self-hate and shame. Yesterday was a terrible day and today is starting out even worse. I don't know what to do. I'm eating well. I'm not exercising because I hurt my foot, but I should be fine by this weekend. It should help some, but I have too much to overcome for a quick fix. Try to handle one issue at a time. I'm listening to music and that helps some. I  woke early and feel tired. Really, I can't think of one good topic or feeling or thought. I ate a good breakfast. There that's a positive. Okay - next. I didn't cry today yet. Okay take what you can get. Next. I"m writing and that's good too. Music, writing, good breakfast, self-discipline - alright I have started better than I thought. Still feel unanchored, unsafe. Falling is painful. Begin.

Monday, April 20, 2015

More and More Meds

I took more anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medications this morning. Helped a bit. Sort of made me dissociate from myself, the situation, other people. I know it's not an ideal solution, but I needed the help to make it through. This is a difficult time. I've been through this so many times, but I never really know what's going to help or hurt me. I have a headache too that requires some attention. This all really reminds me of my version of a panic attack. And I'm gaining weight, which distresses me. I worked so hard to lose weight that I don't want to put myself in jeopardy of gaining most or all of it back. Commit. Again and again. Care and move. Again and again. Emptiness.

Still Not Well

Sinking into the tar pit of depression. Unable to move my body or mind out of the muck. I spent yesterday writing about death and suicide in my journal as a way of just getting it out on paper, hopefully out of my mind. Didn't work. Woke this morning from a disturbing dream and not able to shake the fear it caused. I just really want to be dead. There isn't another thought I have. Fortunately I'm too depressed to be agitated enough to act on this. That's the positive. And, really, I need to grab all the positive I can. Exchange and pray. That's all I know what to do.